6 Ways for Creatives to Make Extra Money

As a creative person, it’s always a challenge to find a balance between doing what you love and actually making enough money. Some months you might be killing it with your art, and others you may be struggling for cash. But are there options you haven’t considered for making some quick cash? You might be surprised by how easy it is to start offering something you’re already good at to your friends and acquaintances. Once they start taking you up on your offer, they’ll be calling you back and likely paying you enough for you to thrive, even when your main work is slow.

Get thinking about your untapped talents, and start putting them to good use! 

Here are some ideas that might inspire you to start up a side hustle…


Have you always had good handwriting? Do you still write in cursive for fun? Learning calligraphy isn’t as difficult as you might think! Purchase an affordable guide to calligraphy and get to practicing. Soon, everyone will be asking you to address their wedding invitations, decorate their sandwich boards, or write inspirational messages for them to hang in their homes. 

Making clothes

Are you handy with a sewing machine? People would love to wear clothes with your unique stamp on them. Purchase plain clothes from a resale shop and add patches, appliqués, or whatever you know how to do to spice up a garment. 

A friend who bakes is always popular.


If you’re a baker, you already know that people love you for it. Why not monetize that? Offer to bake for parties, intimate weddings, or anniversaries. Everyone loves to show up somewhere and find that there are treats!


Do your friends always ask you to make their drinks because you’re better at it? Offer to bartend a friend’s party and see how it goes. You’ll probably make even more friends, because everyone loves the bartender. And you may even come up with your signature drink! Of course you’ll want to pursue the proper licensing for formal events.


If you’re a creative person, that means you have a skill that other people are envious of. Can you share some tips about what you do? If so, people will want to see it! Try making YouTube videos about your talent, build an audience, and work on monetizing them.


Did you always have an affinity for a particular subject in school? If so, why not pass it on to the future generations? While formal school doesn’t always jive well with creative types, there are plenty of exceptions. If you love young people, this is a great option.

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