The Most Underrated Productivity Hack

Are you feeling stuck? Not as productive as you know you can be? Do you feel like you can’t focus on anything for more than 5 minutes? 

There are tons of tips out there for time management, self care, striking while the iron is hot, etc. But my top tip for productivity is one that’s often overlooked. Ready for it? 

Go somewhere else!! Shake up your environment. As I type this, I’m on my first day of a trial at a coworking space. I’m on the 20th floor of a downtown building, surrounded by other people who are working hard at their dreams. And I’m so focused! 

This place may have free coffee drinks, fruit water, and beer on tap (awesome), but it’s about more than the perks. Putting yourself in a new environment stirs things up and gets your creativity flowing. 

If you work from home, you know the freedom is amazing, but it can be rife with distractions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wandered away from my computer to do a load of laundry or chat with my fiancée. It’s crazy how I can convince myself that 2:36pm is the perfect time to fold clothes, even though I scheduled myself to batch instagram posts from 2-3!

If your productivity is stagnant, try leaving your familiar surroundings. Some ideas could be your favorite coffee shop, a chill bar with space to lounge, a coworking space, or even the pool! As long as the space is conducive to whatever it is you’re working on putting out into the world, give it a shot. 

Find a new spot for the day and watch the magic happen! And you know what? You’ll probably be more productive next time you work from your cozy home office where you can wear PJs all day without judgment. That’s life by design. 

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